Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Lonely Party

It was one of those photo trips that was all wrong.  A suggestion was was easy to was expedient...the landscape would be spectacular.

I had been there before...this high desert area...with the person suggesting the trip.  It was beautiful in a desolate way.  You could see forever...and see nothing at all.

Despite the companionship, it was lonely.  A few lackluster shots were taken...

Later, an "attitude" would settle in and the amorphous forms took shape...became edgy and alive, had a personality independent of surrounding unease.

Good efforts with a camera aren't passive.  You must bring something to the party...a perspective...a point of view.  It directs your eye, lets you know you when your view through the lens is what you want to capture...when to press the button.

This attitude later determines your selection of camera images...which will be retained, which deleted from memory.  After editing is over, after all the technical and mental disasters have magically disappeared, the remaining images hopefully reflect your perspective of the trip.

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